Dungeon Beats is a Polish crew of six, operating as an event/booking agency and a record label. The collective focuses on the underground side of electronic music such as dubstep, dub, drum and bass, techno, ambient or minimal.

The birth of Dungeon Beats took place in 2015 with the start of the original series of the same title, which is both the basis for action and the signature of the group. The first edition in March 2015, within the walls of the legendary “8 Bitów” club, can be considered the beginning of its existence. Originally, the creators' common goal was to activate the local Dubstep scene, promote sounds of 140BPM and familiarize the audience with the most interesting artists of the world top, as well as the leading selectors. After moving to a new place - “Projekt Lab”, they have managed to organize another twelve editions with plenty of great guests (such as Leon Switch, Nomine, J: Kenzo, Kahn or Taiko), a record label night (Encrypted Audio Takeover), conscientiously fulfilling the initial establishments of the initiative. The primal goal, however, did not remain final, which resulted in guest performances at fellow initiatives in Poznań (like DrumObsession, Digital Organism, Dub System), and all around the country making steps towards performances abroad (Prague, Leicester).

Keen to leave the club walls, they have performed at a few open-air festivals such as Bass Camp or well-known Outlook Festival. The group broadcasts an original show called Dungeon Beats Sessions on SUB.FM radio station, hosted by CrissNSA (once every four weeks on Friday at 10:00 PM-0:00 AM GMT).

Entire (UVB-76 Music, din is noise records, Groundwork Recordings) and Hitman (KWAIOTO Records, Indigo Movement, Abysmal Entities) are the leading producers of the crew. The rest of the group is completed by Ewski, k.o and - responsible for graphic design and videography - ExiD.

We represent 8 artists at the moment as a booking agency. The producers who have trusted us are both well-known and likely to be discovered very soon underground players - 207, Darkimh, Kwizma, Leon Switch, LSN, Ourman, Taiko and Zygos. Most of them were headlining on our events and all of them have played in Poznań at least once.

As a record label we focus on releasing music from the artists we have been inspired for years, being true to dungeon style as well as fresh and innovative side of 140bpm. With that idea in mind - there is forthcoming material from the greatest artists on the scene already confirmed to be released on the label.

Dungeon Beats continues to grow as an initiative and its upcoming 5th birthday celebration, starting a booking agency and a recrod label can only be regarded as a foretaste announcing even more bold moves of the group. You can find it out yourself by following us on social media, being up-to-date and actively supporting our actions!